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[[USA 50 Kilometer Races|USA]]
*[[Antelope Island Buffalo Run]]
*[[Big Butt]]
*[[Big Dog]]
*[[Bull Run Run]]
*[[Canandaigua Fifties]] plus 50 miles
*[[Capon Valley]]
*[[ The Carl Touchstone Mississippi Trail 50|Carl Touchstone Mississippi Trail 50k/50m]]
*[[The Caumsett State Park 50K|Caumsett]]
*[[Crown King]]
*[[Derby 50k|Derby]]
*[[Finger Lakes Fifties]] plus 50 miles and 25k
*[[Golden Gate Headlands]]
*[[Holiday Lake]]
*[[The Huff]]
*[[Jemez Mountains]]
*[[Kurt Steiner]] Plus [[Metropolitan]] 50 m
*[[Lake Hodges]]
*[[Lake McMurtry Trail Run]] plus 25k
*[[Lake Waramaug]]
*[[Moab’s Red Hot 50k]]
*[[Orange Curtain]]
*[[OTHTC High Desert]] plus 30k
*[[Pineland Farms 50K]]
*[[Pirates Cove]]
*[[Psycho WyCo Run Toto Run]] plus 10M, 20M
*[[Promise Land]]
*[[Run Through The Jungle 50k|Run Through The Jungle]] plus 50m
*[[Ruth Anderson]] plus 50 mile and 100k
*[[Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty]]
*[[Seacliff Beach Trail Run]]
*[[Senator Highway]] Plus 100k
*[[Shadow of Giants]]
*[[Siskiyou Out Back (SOB)]]
*[[Skyline 50K]]
*[[Spokane River Run]]
*[[Stevens Creek]]
*[[Sunmart Texas Trails Endurance Run 50K Race|Sunmart]]
*[[Tahoe Rim]] Plus [[100 mile race]] & [[50 mile race]]
*[[Twin Peaks Ultra 50/50]]
*[[Uncle Joe 50k Race|Uncle Joe]]
*[[Damn Wakely Dam Ultra]]
*[[Way Too Cool 50k|Way Too Cool]]
*[[White River ]]50 km
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50 km races are the shortest races that fall into the category of ultramarathon. The standard marathon is 42 kms.

International selection of 50 km races