100 & 50 Mile Cross Country Run

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100 & 50 Mile Cross Country Run Cassoday, Kansas


A 50-mile out and back course on backcountry gravel roads with less than one mile of paved surface for the 100-mile race. The 50-mile is an out and back on a portion of the Heartland 100 course. Much of the course meanders through open range with stunning views of the vast expanse of the Flint Hills tallgrass prairie. The 100-mile course has rolling hills and 6,000 feet of climb. Cassoday is located off Interstate 35 and is 34 miles south of Emporia and 22 miles north of El Dorado. The two nearest commercial airports are in Wichita (55 miles southwest) and Kansas City (146 miles northeast).


Twenty-two aid stations for the 100-mile and twelve for the 50-mile. Crew access is available at nine locations for the 100-mile and three for the 50-mile. Fourteen of the aid station can be used for drop bags.


Normal high of close to 70 and a normal low in the upper 40’s. This is Kansas, be prepared for all extremes as the record highs have been around 90 and record lows in the upper 20’s.

Time Limits

Heartland 100: 30-hour time limit and a 14-hour cut-off for the 50-mile turnaround. Heartland 50: 14-hour time limit.


Check-in from 3PM to 6PM on Friday October 10, 2008 in Cassoday. Meal will be served at 5PM for the runners and one guest. Additional guests are welcome at a cost of $15 per person.


T-shirts to all entrants. Overall awards and custom designed belt buckles to all 100- mile finishers. The 50-mile race will have finisher’s awards and overall awards.


$115/100 mile and $55/50 mile entry fee if received by August 1, 2008, thereafter, $140/100 mile and $70/50 mile. No race day entry. $5 discount to Kansas Ultrarunners’ Society members. Total for both races is limited to the first 100 entries. Make checks payable to Kansas Ultrarunners’ Society. 75% refund until 9/19/08. No refunds after 9/19/08. Unless specifically requested, the race information contained on the website will serve as the official race packet of information and can be printed from the pdf files on the website.


  • Randy Albrecht, 7826 Westlawn Court, Wichita, KS 67212, (316) 721-8512, or
  • Jim Davis 7064 NW 170 Street, Burns, KS 66840, (620) 726-5545.
  • E-mail [email protected]


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Heartland 100 & 50 Mile Cross Country Run

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