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Juli Aistars posted on the Ultralist: McNaughton Park Givers–short race report

Congratulations to everyone who ran in ultra events this past weekend, especially all the winners! Julie Berg should be named the McNaughton Park 100 Mile Queen–she rules that course. Congratulations Julie!

Below is my short race report on a “failed” 100 mile attempt at McNaughton Park.

I won’t tell you how tough the conditions were–you have heard. I will tell you it is a spectacular event in every way with one of the most enthusiastic, energetic, thoughtful and caring Race Directors–and that is saying a lot! Andy Weinberg put on another fine event with the help of his faithful volunteers who show up year after year. I tried to say “thank you” to every one of them until the zombie state set in, but it never seems to be enough for the sacrifices that they make and the love and care that they invest in watching out for the runners. Little things like a word of encouragement or carrying a bag to your car go a long
way. Volunteers at the Heaven’s Gate aid station, run by the Buffalo, provided home-made cookies, great food, encouragement, service with a smile and good conversation. All the aid stations at McNaughton are great, but Heaven’s Gate is like an oasis in the desert, and the runners hit it twice on each loop. Jeff Riddle is always so positive and ready to do “whatever it takes”. Jeff seems to be everywhere, even hiking the trail between working the aid station. Brian Kuhn is another accomplished runner who volunteers his time at ultra events and seems to enjoy every minute. I first met him at Owen Putnam in 2004 and wrote to the RD to ask who that nice young man was handling an aid station all by himself… Thank you, again and again, to all who give of themselves at ultra events, and do such a great job!

I “failed” to run the 100 miles I signed up for and to meet ultrarunners from the list including Sherpa John, who did what I failed to do…

I “succeeded” in: having a great time, seeing old friends, meeting new people, asking questions and finding out some interesting things about runners, soliciting opinions on altitude acclimatization for Leadville, falling down only twice, not acquiring any new injuries, enjoying the outdoors and the challenge of the trail conditions, eating a lot of junk food, avoiding responsibilities at home if only for a short reprieve, learning from mistakes, and staying in my sleeping bag just long enough to ensure that there was not enough time to finish the last 4 loops…

Keep all the race reports coming–we have inquiring minds…

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