FANS 24/12/6 Hour Races 2017 – Results

FANS 12 & 24 hour races

The 28th Annual FANS 24/12/6 Hour Races 2017 took place last weekend, June 3rd at Fort Snelling State Park on a 2.14 mile asphalt and packed gravel loop. One of the oldest 24 hour races in the USA, FANS recently moved to Lake Snelling from Lake Nokomis.

This years 24 hour race was won by Doug Kleemeier with 121.3 and the women’s race was won by Chavet Breslin with 110 miles.

84 starters in the 24 hour including Yolanda Holder, about to take on the worlds longest certified footrace, the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race in New York, and one of the assistant race directors of that race, Sanatan Curchack, covering 71,6 and 60.4 miles respectively.

Men24 Hours
1Doug Kleemeier121.3
2Scot Hoberg110.8
3Tim Miller105
Women24 Hours
1Chavet Breslin110.0
2Sonya Decker101.2
3Jodee Hollenbeck93.8
Men12 Hours
1Charles Drayton58.8
2John Rohde56
3Chris Tatarka55.4
Women12 HoursMiles
1Carolyn Smith71.7
2Jessica Hanson63.3
3Tracy Harrison53.7
Men6 HoursMiles
1Travis McCathie40.4
2Matthew Schadow29.5
3Robert Hanson29.5
Women6 HoursMiles
1Laurie Hanson33.3
2Chrissy Stavig Just31
3Carolyn Youngbauer29.2

Full results: 28th Fans 24/12/6 hour races

Race website: Fans 24/12/6 hour races

Facebook: FANS 12 and 24 Hour Races The home of multiday running news and events.

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