Asprihanal Pekka Aalto and Catra Corbett win San Francisco One Day Race 2006

San Francisco One Day Race 2006

Chikara Omine set the early pace that took him miles away from the nearest competition and reached 100 miles in 16 hours and stopped. Second place runner Kathy D’onofrio also stopped about this time leaving third place Finnish runner, Pekka Aalto, with no-one moving ahead of him. However, Rob Byrne also saw the light and put in a surge that took him clear of Aalto at the 17 hour point. But Byrne ran out of gas by 20 hours and Aalto, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team multiday specialist, gradually pulled away to win on his 24 hour debut on American soil. Third place went to Charles Blakeney who ran a consistent race finishing with 108 miles.

In the ladies race after Kathy D’onofrio stopped, Jennifer Ray led for a while, very closely followed by Catra Corbett who had taken the lead by the 17 hour point and then both were running level for several hours before Catra pulled a mile or so ahead to win her first 24 hour event. Third place lady was Carol LaPlant finishing 9th overall with 91 miles.

Updates were provided by Wendal and Sarah which enabled visitors to the site to see how the runners were doing on an hourly basis – a great way to connect more people to the event. Many thanks to them for their work.Checkout the full results at

Don Lundell took a bunch of photos that he’s posted on Zombierunner

Catra Corbett talks about her win The home of multiday running news and events.

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