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across_the_years_2015Israel Archuletta is taking part in the Across The Years 6 Day Race currently taking place at the Camelback Ranch in Phoenix, AZ.

Israel Archuletta’s latest post on Facebook:

Day 2 of a multi day tend to eat it’s competitors to the core, and if you make it through Day 2, you’re only going to get stronger. Day 2 has eaten it’s share of athletes, while others had quite a few spectacular performances down at Camelback Ranch in Arizona. Ice cold nights and coughing dust didn’t stop Ed Ettinghausen from reaching 201 miles in 48 hours, nor Debra Horn from breaking the American 48 hours Road Record in the Women’s 55-59 age group with an astounding 170 miles breaking Liz Bauer’s 2014 mark! Davy Crockett earned his 1,000 mile lifetime jacket with over 150 miles in the 48 hour. 33 year old Marine Chavet Breslin is leading the women’s 24 hour race with 110 miles, and she’s hoping no one comes today or tomorrow to best her score. With mileage like that, it’s unlikely too many can challenge that on this course. In the 72 hour race, Tony Covarrubias completed his 2nd day with 144 miles, but it’s Canadian Dave Proctor who is taking a commanding performance lead with 130+ miles on the first day. Carilyn Johnson, Jill Hudson, Jordan Wirfs-Brock are all posting high miles in the 72 hour.

Back to the Six Day race, and Day 2 traditionally chipping away at preconceived goals, unfortunately Josh Irvan who had focused on ATY as his A race this year had to pull out with a lung/bronchitis infection. Joel Gat also had to call it a day with a viral infection that wouldn’t let him even keep liquids down.
Ed Ettinghausen, Greg Salvesen, David Johnston, John Geesler, and Christer Svensson are still putting up competitive miles all between 150 and 201 after 2 days. On the women’s side Sue School is ever running strong with 160+ miles, and Yolanda Holder is 2nd with 144.

It was an extremely cold night with temperatures down to 28 degrees F, ice covered tents. Today will be warmer, and some of us are looking forward to a clean shower and more food, calories and another day of fun with a new group of competitors on the course. The New Year creeps ever closer.

Top 6 Day runners after 52:20
64 starters

Pos Name Km
1 Ed Ettinghausen 346.35
2 Greg Salvesen 309.18
3 David Johnston 304.11
1 Sue Scholl 285.53
2 Yolanda Holder 250.05
3 Kimberley Van Delst 241.6


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