6 Days of Pantano 2018 – Updates – Day 5

Pantano 6 day race
6 giorno di pantano

The 6 days of Pantano draws towards the end of the 5th day and just a few km separate the leaders. Not sure of the exact details but race leader  Didier Sessegolo mentioned a problem with his toe and looks like he’s hanging on to his lead as Alessio Malena has climbed to just a few kms from the top spot..

The women appear to be settled with Maria Jose Tomaz de Aquino leading, in fifth place overall, but there’s still plenty of time for things to change.

The 48 hour started yesterday and is being led by Roldano Marzorati with 154 km. This is a lot closer an event with the top 3 men and the top woman Sonia Lutterotti within 5 km of each other.

6 Day
1Didier SessegoloFRA607.2
2Alessio MalenaITA600.6
3José Luis PosadoESP585.2
1Maria Jose Tomaz de AquinoESP555.5
2Gabriela CotugnoARG526.9
3Hiroko OkiyamaJPN509.3
48 Hour
1Roldano MarzoratiITA154
2Alessandro BruzziITA152.9
3Giuseppe MatteucciITA150.7
1Sonia LutterottiITA148.5
2Valeria EmpoliITA135.3
3Pamela Di GregorioITA99


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