3 Days At The Fair 2017 – 6 Day Race – 126 Hours Update

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3 Days At The Fair 2017 – 6 Day race leaders at the 126 hour point – 18 hours to go. The 72,48,24 hour races are all running concurrently. The 12 and 6 hour events start this evening.

In the 6 day Jeffrey Dimaggio leads the men with 337 miles and womens leader is just behind with Ella Roberta Lombardi – second place overall.

Catherine Cohen, 115 miles, leads the 72 hour women and Darren Worts, 206 miles, leads the men.

In the 48 hour Allison Lassoe, 101 miles leads the women and Phil McCarthy, 123 miles leads the men.

The 24 hours mens leader is Christopher Delucia on 40 miles and leading woman is Catherine Kelly on 34 miles.

Download the latest updates as a spreadsheet on the facebook page pinned to the top.

Men6 Day
1Jeffrey Dimaggio337
2David Lettieri315
3Dong Lin314
4Fred Murolo311
5Christopher Regan297
6Jim Cook289
7Gary Ferguson286
1Ella Roberta Lombardi330
2Darlene Kresse265
3Joan Cook243
4Fran Libasci230
5Margaret Schlundt226
6Marion Landry203
7Melissa Huggins194

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