The 3100 Mile Race

I have had the great fortune to run this race several times and have taken photos and written several articles about the experience as have other runners. Such a unique event deserves a special place on this site and here can be found material published in other places as well as original works.

Much discussion has taken place concerning how much a spectator can understand the nature of the experience of running the 3100 mile race. Partly because of the duration of the event and also because of the spiritual energy that Sri Chinmoy and the Marathon Team bestow upon the race, it appears to be beyond the grasp of the mind. However, the heart is capable of identifying with the race and the runners and this brings the spectator into an immediate relationship with what is taking place on the course.

On this site
On other sites
Sopan Tsekov (2006) Amanda
Race Start (2006) SCMT Gallery (2006)
Day 37 am (2006) SCMT Gallery (2005)
Day 37 pm (2006) SCMT Gallery (2004)
Abichal Watkins
Madhupran (2006) SCMT Gallery (2003)

Sopan Tsekov has a site with more material about the 3100 including tv footage and video clips. Visit

In 2008 the 3100 got its own website at

A great source of information about the 3100 mile race is the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team site itself,

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