Self-Transcendence 24 Hour Race Tooting Bec 2012

uk 24 hour Race 2011 Self Transcendence 24 Hour Race Tooting Bec 2012Today sees the start of the Self-Transcendence 24 Hour Race Tooting Bec in London. This race is the only 24 hour track race in the UK this year and was heavily oversubscribed however it seems that through attrition the waiting list opened up fairly deeply and some late names will appear on the board later today.

The Tooting Bec race is one of the oldest 24 hour races taking place in the world today. Started by Ongkar Tony Smith in 1989, the race took place at several venues before settling at the Tooting Bec Track and even though Tony has been gone 6 years, his wife daughters have continued to provide the number 24 hour race in the UK.

There probably won’t be many updates through the race  but post race there will be news right here on



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